Privacy and security

We respect your personal and confidential data. Security is one of the key elements of our company.

In order to guarantee and quality service and optimum security:

  • - we use advance technology,
  • - we work with renowned international partners,

Your data is never divulged without your consent..

Privacy and security

We collect personal data necessary for the use of our service. Your data belongs to you and will never be divulged unless we have your permission. We also use cookies. These cookies allow us to ensure the security when you log-in, but also to improve our service offer. Your personal data remains anonymous and may be used for statistical purposes only. .

All your personal data is processed automatically, guaranteeing their confidentiality. We have declared ourselves to the CNIL (National Commission for Computing and Freedoms) with regards to the use of personal data under the number 1735792.

In accordance with the amended Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, you have a right to access and modify your personal information. You have free access to your data, and you have the possibility to modify and / or export your data from your user account..

You can write to us at the following address regarding your rights :

Valoo - 4 rue du Général Lanrezac - 75017 Paris - with 'personal data' in the header.


To host your personal data, we have selected a top of the range provider service. Their services are used by large French companies. They guarantee the security and confidentiality of your data.

Data server security (Data banks)

Our service providers are based in highly secure data centers located in Europe, offering all the guarantees of security and the preservation of your data. User data and information is stored on secure servers by hardware and software protection systems. This data are systematically encrypted during transmissions. .

Your personal data is protected by HEROKU and AMAZON located in Europe. These data centers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and possess the most advanced technologies to guarantee their security. .

Emergency data back-up

Your documents are backed up several times a day and stored on separate data servers. This protects you from data loss if one of our service providers' equipment were to fail..

Security to go to your account

Your data and information (log-in ID, documents and photos, personal information) échangées depuis votre navigateur web sont sécurisées et garantie par l'autorité de certification Gandi CA.

Each users password is encrypted through a secure high-level algorithm .

If you forget your password, we are unable to retrieve it as it has been encrypted in our database, and therefore you must create a new one. .

However, to prevent an unauthorised person from logging into your account, we recommend that you use a unique password and change it regularly. (see FAQ : what happends if I misplace my phone?).

Security of our developments (code audit, thorough tests, anti-intrusion tests)

We perform regular security audits via an independent computer security company. This audit allows us to be continuously vigilant with the security of our platform and to optimise technological developments..

Secure payment solution

Valoo uses international specialist company STRIPE as its online payment partner .

Your bank details are collected by our payment provider STRIPE, who use a Level 1 PCI certification encryption algorithm - the highest level of certification current available.

Our banking solution is certified PCI DSS by VISA and MASTERCARD: this is an international security standard whose objectives are to ensure the confidentiality and the integrity of the data of cardholders, and thus secure the protection of data during transactions..

Valoo does not retain any of your banking details.

Find out more via the following links :

You bank détails are encrypted

They are encrypted using SSL, Secure Socket Layer technologies. They cannot be intercepted. When you make a payment, your credit card number will only be visible when typed in, however the 4 last numbers of your card will be visible in your account with the other numbers hidden for secuirty purposes..

You may wish to delete information related to your bank card after each payment made..