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Good news for our French users !

Going on holiday or away on business? The Valoo app allows to insure your belongings whenever you need to in just one click! Only need to insure your most used or favourite belongings just for the one day or a month? The Valoo is the app for you - and it’s so easy to use:

instantly insure your belongings (camera, musical instruments, tablets etc) by clicking on the enable or disable buttons and your things are insured for a few pennies/pence/cents a day*. *

* in partnership with Altima by MAIF


Store and protect your belongings in a safe online space. In case of damage (fire, break-in, water damage) all of the necessary information is at your fingertips (photos, receipts, warranties, technical info, insurance contracts).

Creating an inventory has never been so quick and easy: you can scan a barcode or receipt using our search engine (featuring over 15 million items) or our web extension which is available to download using Google Chrome.

Also, as protecting your information is one of our highest priorities, it is encrypted on our secure server and are not given to any third parties without your consent.



Want to know the current price of your smartphone, television, or that antique piece of furniture you inherited? Valoo can assist you!

Find the price of your everyday items in real-time by using our algorithm and its market knowledge technology.

For your collectors items and antiques (residences, wine, art pieces, jewellery etc), have them valued 100% on line within 72h through our certified partners Monuma.

Why? You’ll be able to resell your items at the right/correct price, for insurance purposes or out of pure curiosity!



With Valoo, you can manage your belongings daily.
We are here to make it easier for you to do so/that!

Want to resell, loan, rent or donate your belongings?
We can help you place your ad/ promote your item on the right sites and apps.

Not sure when to do it?
Valoo informs you when you are reaching your warranty limit and when the value of your item has reached a certain price threshold/amount.

Do you need to send your inventory to your insurance company to make a claim, or when releasing a property, moving out, or inheritance purposes? Valoo offers a selection of different inventories which can be downloaded in part or their entirety in a few simple steps.


Privacy and security

We are particularly vigilant when it comes to the security of our platform, with regular security audits, a highly secure server, encrypted data transfer and emergency backup.

Your personal data belongs to you and we will not share in any way with any third party without your prior consent. Your personal data is processed via automation, ensuring confidentiality.

View our charter:Secure and Committed.

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